Honeymoon: Coco Plum Island Resort Belize

I have been MIA lately because we have been in a tropical island paradise enjoying our honeymoon. We went to Coco Plum Island Resort; a private, adults-only, 18 cabana beautiful island about 9 miles off the coast of Dangriga, Belize. It was like being in heaven, or at least how I envision my heaven would... Continue Reading →

Zola Registry Success

You may remember an old post of mine where we started with Wanderable as our honeymoon fund registry. We had an issue getting our money from them so we ended up switching to Zola. This site was perfect! We had quite a few wedding guests give us a gift through the site. Their fees are... Continue Reading →

Invitations Are Officially Out

We sent all of our invites a couple weeks ago and have started receiving reply cards, although not as many as I'd like to see! We spent a lot of time on these and was so so so happy to have amazing contacts in my life to help make these for practically nothing! We originally started... Continue Reading →

Signature Wedding Cocktail

We threw around the idea of a signature cocktail and I thought, "Why not make a purple drink to match our wedding color and call it Purple Haze since we both love Jimi Hendrix!" Of course Ben was totally on board. So we turned to our bartender to give some suggestions. We decided the easiest... Continue Reading →

Bachelorette Plans Are Set!

After some drama surrounding the bachelorette planning, it is finally locked and we are going to Paradise Island Bahamas! I'm so excited to lay on the beach and relax or sit at the swim-up bar! There will be seven of my closest friends and family and I'm sure it will be awesome. We are staying... Continue Reading →

Wedding Save-the-Date

Since we have already had our engagement shoot, we are ready to send out our save-the-dates. If you didn't get a chance to check out my post about the shoot, we did two outfits: one nice and one wearing our sports team's apparel. I had the most brilliant idea for our STD. Granted I can't... Continue Reading →

Zola.com Wedding Registry Switch

I posted about our nightmare trying to get our money from Wanderable.com after our engagement party. We ended up switching to Zola.com. My friend that's getting married this year recommended it and said she had already transferred money with no issue. After some research, I noticed their fees are THE lowest of any honeymoon registry... Continue Reading →

Wanderable Wedding Registry Fail

So after I posted the honeymoon registry blog about all the research I did, we ended up going with Wanderable. We had it all set up and it looked beautiful. We even received 4 gifts from friends and family. We were so excited at how easy it was to use! UNTIL... we tried to withdraw... Continue Reading →

Engagement Party

We had our engagement party and it was a success (!), aside from my job totally stressing me out that day, bummer 😦 We didn't do anything crazy or over the top. It was simple and held at our home and hosted by my parents. A few things went into the planning: invitations, decor, food,... Continue Reading →

Honeymoon Destination

Ben and I love to travel and want to see the world. So planning the honeymoon was one of the first things we jumped right into with all this wedding planning stuff - and probably one of the most exciting. We wanted somewhere we've never been before. This ruled out Mexico, Virgin Islands, England, Cayman... Continue Reading →

The Wedding Reception Venue

So first things first, we need a venue so we can set the date! Luckily, I've done event planning with my jobs over the past 10 years so I have a good idea of what to look for or what to ask. But when it came to our special day, we wanted a place that... Continue Reading →

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