The Wedding Reception Venue

So first things first, we need a venue so we can set the date! Luckily, I’ve done event planning with my jobs over the past 10 years so I have a good idea of what to look for or what to ask. But when it came to our special day, we wanted a place that meant something or “spoke” to us. We didn’t want a generic, over-priced hotel ballroom.

So after an exhaustive Google search of every possible rental facility between West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, I found the Old School Square Downtown Delray vintage gym called The Fieldhouse. Ben and I have attended a few events on their outside grounds – Old School Beer Fest, Delray Relay for Life, Free Friday Night Concerts, just to name a few. The Fieldhouse has beautiful hardwood floors, the building has history, looks unique, and the exterior grounds are perfect for photo ops! Add to this, the place comes with tables and chairs for a low, low daily rate. We also will get to use all of our own vendors or DIY, which is the plan to keep costs as low as possible.

Only downside is that their event coordinator doesn’t keep up on email and she is very slow to get back to you. I also found it odd that we wanted October 1st, 2016, but we were told that she would need to check with someone else for their event because they usually have theirs the beginning of October. I guess it’s not first come first serve… So we had to ultimately move our date to October 15, 2016. But, we at least have our date! Check out the pic of the gym and the grounds below. What do you think?

The other big contender for the reception was the Boynton Beach Intracoastal Clubhouse. I really love it since it was on the water. But, it only held a max of 100 people. We are probably going to be right around 100. It would have been too crammed. But if you’re having a smaller wedding, oh please do check it out! It has a large, gorgeous wrap around balcony so you can enjoy the water views.

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