The Baths at Virgin Gorda

During our St. Thomas vacation, we planned a day trip to The Baths on Virgin Gorda - one of the British Virgin Islands. The weather wasn't really ideal during our trip, and it also didn't help that I went a little ham the night before and was feeling anything but normal that day. But in... Continue Reading →

I Buy Memories, Not Material Items

Obviously everyone would like to travel and see the world, but I make it my mission to travel any chance I get. Some people are into having a family, spending time with their pets, discovering new recipes to cook, buying the newest and coolest electronics, collecting stamps. Ok, I have yet to meet someone who... Continue Reading →

Vacation Day 1: Niagara to Toronto

We are on our first mini vacation of 2017 to Canada! When we kept telling everyone who asked, that we were taking a vacation to Niagara Falls and Toronto in February, the first thing they asked was WHY?! We both were like WHY NOT?! We live in South Florida and don't get to see the... Continue Reading →

Bachelorette Plans Are Set!

After some drama surrounding the bachelorette planning, it is finally locked and we are going to Paradise Island Bahamas! I'm so excited to lay on the beach and relax or sit at the swim-up bar! There will be seven of my closest friends and family and I'm sure it will be awesome. We are staying... Continue Reading →

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