Nassau Bahamas Bachelorette Weekend Success!

After what seemed like months of waiting for the Bachelorette weekend to be here, it’s now sadly over 😦 But man it was so much fun!! We went to Paradise Island, Bahamas. Our flight took off a little late and then when we arrived we were stuck on the plane because there some mechanical issues with the gate. I was so anxious to be off the plane! We booked a transportation service Cheryl’s Bahamas Taxi and Private Tours. They greeted us outside with a cute sign that said The Fling Before the Ring, then we got into the private bus and they had champagne for us!! Fun little Nassau fact: you can drink and drive as long as you are not a cab or transportation service. Crazy, I know!! Our driver was Craig, Cheryl’s husband, and he pointed out historical landmarks, told us facts and info about Nassau and was all around a perfect tour guide all the way to our hotel.

We were staying at the Riu Palace. We arrived about 4 hours before check-in but they checked our bags and let us use the facility. We beelined for the pool and cozied up to the pool bar, all 7 of us loud ladies! I went with my mom, my MIL, one bridesmaid, my MOH, her mom, and her MIL. We were a rowdy group lol It’s an all-inclusive resort and we took full advantage of that!!

Before taking the trip, I looked up so many reviews and there were quite a few bad ones. A lot of people saying the staff was rude, the place was old, the pool was gross, you get harassed on the beach, the food is bad and there’s no variety, etc. Like you name it, someone wrote something bad about it. Overall, all seven of us thought the place was GREAT! We made reservations in their specialty restaurants two of the nights and they had 5 restaurant options and we had the buffet for dinner the 3rd night. The food was outstanding!! We ate at the Japanese place first and the sushi was good, along with the duck and beef. Then at Krystal’s the Lobster Ritto was phenomenal!! I still salivate just thinking about it. And I’m a foodie so I guess the bad reviews came from picky eaters?? Even though the variety was endless. The buffets for breakfast and lunch were also good. But here’s the thing, you have to take into account what was paid for the trip. Ours came out to $565 per person. Assume the flight was $200, that means $365 for 3 nights hotel, food and drinks. That’s only $122 per day! And I’ll tell you what, my appetizer, dinner, dessert and drinks alone at Krystal’s would have been $85 anywhere else! Every staff memeber we ran into was super nice and polite and accommodating. The drinks were great and not too strong and not too weak. The only thing I understood being a complaint after being there was the AC didn’t seem to work efficiently. I mean I was not sweating, it was actually cold, but it was very humid so everything felt damp.

Now let’s talk about Atlantis being next door! Craig told us that if you go to the aquarium after 7pm (after the cruise ships leave), you can get in for free! So we did this and I’m pretty sure we only saw about 1/3 of it since it seems to go on forever. We did some gambling and yes, you get free drinks while doing so! I almost wish we had more time to explore Atlantis.

We even used Cheryl’s transportation to take us to the cruise port for a couple hours and we checked out Pirate’s Republic Brewing and the Bearded Clam. Both great places. We even got to do the touristy thing and buy some souvenirs.

I want to bring Ben back. Nassau is a beautiful island and the water was amazing there. So if you’re looking for a great bachelorette, romantic getaway, vacation or other, I would highly recommend going to Paradise Island. And for the record, I would totally stay at Riu Palace again. It’s a great value and seriously no where near as bad as all the reviews make it out to be. All-in-all, I had one hell of bachelorette! I could writ so much more about this trip, but my post would go on forever. But if you’d like to know anything else, feel free to ask!


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