Invitations Are Officially Out

We sent all of our invites a couple weeks ago and have started receiving reply cards, although not as many as I’d like to see! We spent a lot of time on these and was so so so happy to have amazing contacts in my life to help make these for practically nothing! We originally started with an idea to have regular rectangle invites glued to a pocket folder with all the detail cards inside. But after our wedding seemed to move more towards a music theme, I started using Pinterest (of course!) for some music themed wedding invites. I found some inspiration, but the tiny creative bone in me kicked in to come up with a really cool concept. Our invitation is a mock CD and I still smile when I think about it because I was actually really impressed with myself, my designer and my printer on how this came out. And before anyone thinks I’m not giving Ben credit, if you ask him, he gives me all the credit. I ran everything by him for approvals and he even came up with a Bob Marley quote to include in it.

As much as I loved these, they were a bit of a pain in my ass! We had to hand cut each paper CD because the circle cutters from Michael’s were actually crap… Then trying to figure out how to cut the center CD circle was a nightmare. We tried exact-o knives, tiny scissors, paper circle punches and then finally my dad came up with the idea of trying a gasket punch. A what?? I know, I never heard of it. Apparently there’s gasket paper and also people that work with leather will use these for leather punches. I ordered these from Amazon and they never arrived. After many emails and phone calls, we ended up getting these for free only to find that they didn’t work… aghhh!! After looking at reviews, people were saying that they needed sharpened. So Ben took it to work and sharpened it. The moment of truth, would it work now? If it didn’t, I thought I might cry because we were nearing our deadline to get these out. IT WORKED!!!  I may have cried a tear of joy.

We assembled the invites, stuffed the envelopes, made mailing labels, put on the postage and mailed these bad boys. Since it was a CD, we used a square 5×5 envelop, which actually costs more in postage. But to offset that added cost, we went with postcard reply cards which are lower postage than a regular letter. We started the process of our invites in April and I thought we were way ahead only to not finish until a couple weeks ago. I’m so glad we started “early”.

People that we’ve talked to that have received theirs have given us so many compliments on how unique and cool these are. It’s these details that I love about wedding planning and making every part of it all about Ben and I and what we love… music!

What do you think?

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