To Uber or Not to Uber in Cancun

Even though we rented a car in Cancun, we did not want to drive much other than to go explore ruins and cenotes. But most days we wanted to lounge, relax and have drinks. Mexico has a zero tolerance for drinking and driving and if you even so much as blow .0001, you will still be arrested.

I read that Uber was reinstated in June 2019 in Cancun. Something to do with taxi unions and laws that prevented it from growing. Not sure exactly what the real story is for why it went away and then came back.

But there is still something fishy between Uber drivers and taxi drivers. The taxi drivers were not very nice and they wanted to charge triple what Uber charges. However, there do not seem to be many Uber drivers at all. Every time I requested one, it took a good 20-30 minutes from the request to get a driver and for the driver to arrive. I didn’t mind since it was saving us more money.

We learned that someone must sit in the front seat. I guess when everyone gets in the back it makes it obvious to the taxi drivers and it makes them mad – weird vibe there.

Our drivers definitely only spoke Spanish and they tend to call to confirm the pickup location. And if you’re going to the hotel zone, there are certain spots where they can pick up and drop off so you may have to walk a little.

All-in-all, I liked taking Uber as a cost savings way to get around. The drivers were friendly, cars were clean, and service was great!

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