Zola Registry Success

You may remember an old post of mine where we started with Wanderable as our honeymoon fund registry. We had an issue getting our money from them so we ended up switching to Zola. This site was perfect! We had quite a few wedding guests give us a gift through the site. Their fees are the lowest and the app is super easy to use. I just transferred our gifts to our bank account and it was again really easy to use. We had no issues getting the money and we were able to apply it towards our honeymoon next month! We even had several items fully gifted!

Zola is not only for a honeymoon fund, but you can add physical gifts to the registry as well. We didn’t use this option because we literally do not need anything more for our home. The site has lots of cool features, like the ability to swap a gift before they ship to you if you decide you no longer wanted something. You also have the ability to hold the physical gifts until you choose to have them shipped. So if you are going on your honeymoon right after the wedding, you can have Zola hold the shipment of gifts until you return. And, the fees are lowest of any site we came across. It’s only 2.65% processing fee for the gift givers and no fee to the couple receiving the gift.


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