I Buy Memories, Not Material Items

dr seussObviously everyone would like to travel and see the world, but I make it my mission to travel any chance I get. Some people are into having a family, spending time with their pets, discovering new recipes to cook, buying the newest and coolest electronics, collecting stamps. Ok, I have yet to meet someone who collects stamps, but it always comes up when discussing hobbies. Let’s get back on track here…

I love looking at other people’s travel photos. They are beautiful, calming, and honestly make me a bit jealous! I want to see the world, try new things, experience life! I travel for so many different reasons, and here are a some of the top reasons:

  1. De-stress. Sometimes you need to get away to unwind and clear your head. Regular everyday life can wear on you. Mental vacations are needed, especially for me or I could go postal…
  2. Explore new land. In normal, everyday life, we see the same things and tend to do the same things. It’s awesome to explore new places, learn their history, see amazing sites you don’t get at home. It’s always a rewarding experience.
  3. Try new food. I am truly a fat girl at heart and love food; all types of food. I will always try something and decide if I like it or not. We had “royal rat” in Belize and it was delish!! Belize has been the best food by far of any of the places we’ve visited. And I actually thought the UK and St. Thomas were the least interesting food.
  4. Meet new people. It’s impossible to go somewhere and not meet new people. Some you like and of course you get some you don’t like. But for some reason, when on vacation, the people always seem so great. Sometimes vacations seem like a fantasy, it’s too good to be true! And I always think “Man, I wish we met people like this back home!” But you’re more apt to talk to people when in a new place. You get to ask them what it’s like to live there and learn about the cool local spot to checkout.
  5. Make forever memories. This is my favorite. I love thinking back on vacations and places I’ve been. And photos make the best memories! I recently bought a nice camera to capture every journey we take. We have so many stories from all over the world and I would never trade that for a big house, fancy car, or some other materialistic items. I love adventures! And this is why for our wedding registry, we did a honeymoon fund. We didn’t want more junk for the house, we wanted new memories and stories to tell.

Whatever the reason, traveling is fun. I honestly don’t look forward to going home. We make every minute of our time off count. Which is often why we are so exhausted when we get home!!

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