Frenchtown Brewing Company Review

15129590_1233554973385462_3450460933176587550_oI love beer! (Seriously, how could you not?!) While I do love beer, I’m definitely not a connoisseur but I like to think I know a thing or two. One thing I do know for sure, I love trying new beers and going to breweries. While we were on vacation on St. Thomas, we had the opportunity to check out Frenchtown Brewing Company. We were visiting during Carnival, which is a huge deal and everything pretty much shuts down for like 5 days. So I was sad when I saw Frenchtown wouldn’t be open over the weekend and then their hours beyond that were only Wednesday and Friday, but we were leaving Tuesday. So I PM’ed their Facebook page and the owner said we could actually come in that Monday. It was like our own private tasting session!

Now Ben and I have been to over 65 breweries and Frenchman’s was definitely the smallest and most intimate, but I loved it. Once we walked in, I understood why they had odd hours. The place cannot accommodate a large crowd. But it was so cool to have the owner open for us and give us the story and sampling. They had four beers on tap: 86° & Sunny Ale, Rooster Brown Ale, Hop Alley IPA, and Frenchie Farmhouse Saison. My favorites Gear_WomensTank-FRT_1200x1200were the Brown Ale and Saison. The tasting was actually free too! They do growler and crowler fills as well. Their beers are even available at a few of the restaurants, specifically the two below the brewery.

There’s lot of merchandise for how small the place is. And the logo is an octopus which makes for some cool gear. We got a women’s tank, men’s tee, aluminum growler, and growler fill (of the saison) for only $100. Now their growlers are pretty freaking awesome! It’s a 64 oz double wall insulated stainless steel flip top – perfect for the beach! And that’s exactly where we took our growler to drink it. Being that we live in Florida, that growler will be used a lot! Be sure to visit them if you’re in the area!


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