We Bought a Kayak!

We have been talking for over a year now about buying a kayak. The first time I ever got on one was in the Bahamas in 2010 and I instantly fell in love. I’d love to have an actual boat, but let’s be real, who wants to shell out $50k and pay for all that gas and maintenance. (The key is to find a friend who owns a boat LOL) Then on our honeymoon, we spent most of the week on the kayaks exploring the nearby islands in Belize. That’s when our talks of buying one really started happening.

Over the holiday weekend, Ben and I went to West Lake Park in Hollywood, FL to kayak through their mangrove trails. We went out for four hours and it was such a beautiful day, but it was also tiring. I love how great of a core and upper body workout kayaking is! We packed our cooler, brought the waterproof speaker, took videos on the GoPro and paddled our way through four different trails. All I needed was a nice little beach to dunk myself in the water to cool off.

When we were done, we deiced we were going to Gander Mountain to see if they had any double kayaks for their store closing sale. Unfortunately, they only had single kayaks. Boo!

IMG_1393I found Nautical Ventures on Google Maps. Their site said they sold new and used kayaks. We walked in and there were so many kayaks! We spent about an hour just looking and trying to narrow it down to just one. After sitting in our top two picks, we opted for the Hobie Odyssey 14′ double kayak in yellow. They even knocked a couple hundred off the price tag because it was a 2016 model! So what may have seemed like an impulse buy to our friends and family, it was definitely something we’ve talked about and finally decided to act on.

Now, we have been looking into the best places to go kayaking in Palm Beach and Broward County. We’ve even talked about taking it on weekend trips to the Gulf. Our possibilities are endless. We have lots of storage too so we can pack a cooler with food and a cooler with drinks and make a day of it.

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    1. We took it out for the first time last weekend and it was awesome!! Can you launch a kayak at any boat ramp? And what are some places in Palm Beach and Broward that you would recommend taking it out at?


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