Who’s Yer Daddy Golf

Of course I look forward to Father’s Day so I can celebrate my Dad and every wonderful thing he has done for me. BUT… a new element has been added to my life now. The Who’s Yer Daddy Golf Tournament. Our friends have been organizing it for nine years, but Ben and I have just participated in our fourth year. And each year we get a little better, but this year we were a lot better. We’ve been trying to pick up golf through buying Groupons and going and playing each weekend. I’ve finally mastered how to correct my slice. And no, I didn’t learn how to do it the right way; I just turn my entire body and most people are probably thinking “WTF is she aiming at?!?!”

So with that, here’s the awesome news: I WON!!! Well I won Women’s Longest Drive! I hit it so perfect and it felt so good and looked even better! Check out my cool trophy below. Overall I think our team tied for second to last, but who give a f@#k? I got my trophy (for the first time ever) so I was ecstatic!

And if you’re wondering why my trophy reads “Women’s Longest Dreve” it’s because the inaugural year of the tourney the trophy makers misspelled it and the organizers decided to run with it each year to make for an interesting story.

We plan to start playing regularly from here on out and really pick it up as a hobby. Which in theory, should make us better each tourney. After all, we do live in a state that you can play year-round in so we have no excuse not to get better. But damn, it can be a really frustrating game!

Can’t wait to play in next’s year’s 10th Anniversary tourney! Should be a doozy!

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