#TBT Travel Photos: Grand Cayman Island

It feels like our Carnival Caribbean Cruise was forever ago! We went December 2013 and it was our first international vacation together. Our first stop was Grand Cayman Island and it was quite the adventure. We walked forever to pick up our rental car so we could save money instead of renting in the port only to find out the rental company would have come pick us up! LOL Then as we were pulling out of the parking lot, Ben almost killed us by turning into the wrong lane as they drive on the opposite side from what we are used to. We made our way to 7 mile beach to have a peek. DSC00504Then went to Hell (insert devil emoji face), walked around to see the black limestone formations, and mailed postcards to our family from Hell. DSC00487Then we drove in circles forever trying to find Rum Point. The streets have no sign, but the maps do… So driving was a challenge and we found ourselves back in the same spot multiple times. But we finally found it and had a nice bite to eat on the water with beautiful views of nothing but water; the only view I wish I had for the rest of my life! DSC00494The downside to cruises is that you only get a short day to go and see and do. I think we only had 6 hours total and a lot was wasted walking and driving. We never got to take a complete dip in the water, but I did walk in up to my thighs. The water was so clear and the beaches were pretty. We’d love to go back and maybe check out Stringray City, Turtle Centre, Kittiwake Shipwreck, Devil’s Grotto and so much more! DSC00501


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