Beer Can Island – Kayaking Boynton Beach

The lack of information on best places to launch your kayak are really hard to come by for Palm Beach County. There’s lots of info about trails and renting kayaks, but if you own your kayak, the info is subpar. So hopefully I can help. I told you about Peanut Island and it’s a must-go place.

IMG_1708We recently ventured to what us Boynton Beach locals call “Beer Can Island”. The story behind the name can easily be guessed; many people and boaters came here, partied hard, and somehow forgot to clean up their mess, so after the weekend, beer cans littered the island and water. Now, the actual island is a bird preserve and you are not allowed on it.

Beer Can is located right off the Boynton Inlet. This inlet is pretty scary so I don’t advise trying to launch there. We found the perfect little (and I mean tiny) beach spot at the Boynton Intracoastal Park. You will want a kayak dolly or a way to roll your kayak over to the beach. If not, you can go to Harvey E. Oyer park right next door and launch at the boat ramp, but it gets busy with, well, boats.

It was a good 10 minute kayak across to get to Beer Can Island. There’s also a lot of boats coming in and out of the inlet to watch out for. But we went early to avoid a crowd. It was already low tide when we arrived with the depth about 6 inches. We anchored down and setup shop. There were a few boats there when we arrived at about 10:45am. It definitely got busier as the day went on and the water level kept getting deeper which I actually liked so I could use my floaty! But I have to say with the inlet right there and the traffic, the water was a bit rough. We had perfect weather, which I’m always grateful for!

Our four friends joined us and it was a calm, relaxing Sunday Funday. We even picked up a new cooler (we now own like 7 coolers). We were looking for a soft one that was large, yet still fit on the back of the kayak so we didn’t have to bring two small ones. We ended up getting a hard Igloo cooler with wheels that holds up to 42 cans and fit like it was made for the back of our kayak! I think we had about 20 cans, 4 tupperware containers, waters, Powerades and plenty of ice for the day in there. (you can kind of see it in the pic below on the left, and yes, the sticker is still on it)IMG_1707The only downside we came across on this trip was that the small beach area at the park turns into minuscule area at high tide and there’s a kayak and SUP rental company that operates out of there and they sprawl out their shit so you literally cannot get on that beach. And trying to get our kayak out was a bitch. I gracefully fell over on their kayaks several times before they asked if we needed help. “Um yes, I need you to stop hogging the entire beach area like you OWN it. Be mindful of others that can use this PUBLIC space! Kay, thanks!”

All-in-all, I like Beer Can; mostly because it’s so convenient for us as we only live about 12 minutes away. So if you’re looking for a new little sandbar area to check out and chill at one weekend, I say go for it! I know we will be back. So if you see our big straw hats and big yellow kayak, so hi! IMG_1709

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