The Baths at Virgin Gorda

During our St. Thomas vacation, we planned a day trip to The Baths on Virgin Gorda – one of the British Virgin Islands. The weather wasn’t really ideal during our trip, and it also didn’t help that I went a little ham the night before and was feeling anything but normal that day. But in the end, The Baths were such an incredible site to see.

We chartered a boat from St. Thomas for the day. Once we hopped on, the captain took us over by St. John to fill out our customs paperwork so we could leave the country! At this point of the trip, I’m just trying to hold vomit in while the boat was rocking… Then we stopped in Tortola for them to process the paperwork, stamp our lovely passports, use their restroom, then be on our one and half hour journey to The Baths. My first time in Tortola was a trip to an outhouse, nice!

The ride was rough and I was starting to feel queasy, so I moved to the back of the boat. Once we finally arrived, we anchored out because boats can only get so close. We had to swim the rest of the way. Then my family freaks me out saying be careful of my shiny jewelry because it attracts barracudas! Just great, but if I threw up on one, would it scare them away? I was the first to jump in and I swam like hell to get to shore. I think my group thought it was because I was terrified, and I was – terrified of spewing! So my readers, I’ll have you know that I puked on the beaches of Virgin Gorda.IMG_1130If you take away nothing else from this article, please learn that you should not have a crazy night before a day long boat ride to an amazing place. It will really put a damper on the experience. But I decided to pretend I was on Spring Break ’06 instead…  IMG_1124Once I got that out of my system, we walked around to see The Baths. These huge rock formations on the beach were just so impressive. And one might think, it’s just rocks, what’s the big deal? Big being the key word. These rocks were massive! There were so many of them and they created nooks and crannies, and well, baths – little pools of water within. IMG_1122It’s simply amazing how clear the water is in the Virgin Islands. I wish I had been able to bring my fancy camera to take better photos. So these photos are a little flat and dark, but nonetheless still breathtaking. IMG_1117Even on a gloomy, rainy day, it’s still beautiful. I’m not really sure what else Virgin Gorda has to offer, but if you get the chance, definitely visit The Baths. We walked around for a good hour and could have spent even more time, but we had to get going so we could check out Cooper Island and have some lunch. IMG_1129


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