Kayaking to Peanut Island Palm Beach

We said we’d take our kayak to different places around Palm Beach County so we could explore more. Well that happened three different times and on the third time, we went to Peanut Island in West Palm Beach. I’m now afraid we will never go anywhere else again!! LOL Fourth of July weekend, we talked our friends into renting a kayak and going to Peanut Island. We spent the entire day out there and packed several coolers with food and drinks. We even brought rafts to lounge in. We couldn’t have asked for better weather and it was such an awesome, relaxing time. I had only been to Peanut once before on a friends boat about seven years ago and I guess I thought you needed a boat to go. But kayaking is the best because we can anchor in the super shallow area which practically turns into a sandbar when it’s low tide.

If you don’t own a mode of transportation to get you to the island, there are actually plenty of options. The Riviera Beach Marina has a ferry for $12 per person and a couple companies that rent kayaks and paddle boards for 2, 4, or 6 hours, or all day options. And it’s literally a 5-10 minute direct shot to the island from the launch area. If you do own your own kayak or paddle board, you can launch from the same area where they rent from. It’s a small sandy beach area with loading and unloading parking spots that make it convenient. We learned the first time that we desperately needed the kayak dolly to wheel from the car to the beach and pick one up at West Marine that just lowers down on the scupper holes.

We just went back to Peanut Island again yesterday and this time our friends had purchased their own kayak! So now we can go all the time with them! And their parents also came too, which they’ve owned their own kayaks for several years. It was awesome to have a group out there floating around, throwing the ball, playing cornhole, having a picnic and just yaking around. It’s also a family and pet friendly area. There were lots of doggies running around and kids playing ball.

Peanut Island offers camping, fishing, boat docks, and JFK’s secret bunker in which you can take a tour of. It’s a pretty cool little island to check out if you ever have the chance. And more than likely, I’ll be back there again this weekend!


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