Honeymoon Destination

Ben and I love to travel and want to see the world. So planning the honeymoon was one of the first things we jumped right into with all this wedding planning stuff – and probably one of the most exciting. We wanted somewhere we’ve never been before. This ruled out Mexico, Virgin Islands, England, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Canada, and Italy just to name a few. We (maybe more me) spent lots of time looking at various places to venture off to for the honeymoon. In a perfect world, we would have chosen Bora Bora, Maldives, or Australia. But… the flights alone for two people were $4-6k!!! Maybe some day we’ll get to those places.

So where did we ultimately decide? (cue the drum roll please!) Coco Plum Island Resort in beautiful Belize!! They have an amazing honeymoon package that includes an oceanfront cabana, food, drinks, island activities, excursions to the mainland, and even the boat transfer to the island. Of course I also had to check TripAdvisor for the reviews and they have nearly a perfect rating! The photos from travelers look amazing. And the best perk? It’s an adult only resort; so no worry of screaming kids ruing our oasis!

Is it bad that I’ve been fantasizing about this trip more than our wedding?? I mean an entire week of relaxing and exploring an exotic private island? Well if it is bad, then sue me. I can’t help what my heart yearns for 😉

What are some of your favorite travel destinations?

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