Wanderable Wedding Registry Fail

So after I posted the honeymoon registry blog about all the research I did, we ended up going with Wanderable. We had it all set up and it looked beautiful. We even received 4 gifts from friends and family. We were so excited at how easy it was to use! UNTIL… we tried to withdraw our funds and deposit into our bank account. We had about $200 to transfer. I initiated the withdrawal and received an email confirmation that it would be in our account in 3-5 days. Well, 9 days went by and it still wasn’t there. I emailed Wanderable and waited a day with no response. I called them and emailed again. No response. On the third day, I was irate. This was our money they were holding and we wanted to put the deposit on our honeymoon to get it secured. I mean seriously, don’t mess with a stressed bride!

I began Google’ing reviews to find on theknot.com that others were having the same issue! I began to panic thinking we may never see this money. The only relieving aspect was that it was $200 from 4 different people; not like it was after our wedding and all of our guests had used the site. I would have literally had a panic attack. Yikes! I mean I kind of blasted them, warning others on Twitter and writing bad reviews on theknot.com and weddingwire.com. It was only then that I thought to look at all of their social media sites and blog only to find that they haven’t been active since July 2015!! I didn’t think to do this before making our site and thought how stupid I was…

FINALLY, I received a response from Sara in Customer Service and she said it would take up to 3 days to receive. I seriously believe something shady is up with this company. In total, it took 13 days to receive our funds in our bank account. This is utterly unacceptable. I guess things aren’t so automatic online. I figured the money would transfer easily, but it seemed as though Wanderable had to click a button or authorize something because a day after hearing from Sara our funds miraculously appeared. I can breathe easy now!

Because I don’t want to have a heart attack again, I have removed all of our registry gifts so no one can buy anything. I can’t deal with that hassle of trying to get our money again… My other engaged friend told me she uses Zola.com so I’m going to check it out. I’ll let you know what site we try next!

Have you had any upsets in your wedding planning? Did you almost have panic attack? I’d love to hear your horror story.

TheKnot.com Reviews of Wanderable: Capture1.JPG

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