Zola.com Wedding Registry Switch

downloadI posted about our nightmare trying to get our money from Wanderable.com after our engagement party. We ended up switching to Zola.com. My friend that’s getting married this year recommended it and said she had already transferred money with no issue. After some research, I noticed their fees are THE lowest of any honeymoon registry site I’ve come across. It’s only 2.65% to the giver and the engaged couple isn’t hit with any fees at all! So if a guest gives $100, they end up paying $102.65 and Ben and I would receive $100. The $2.65 fee is cheaper than shipping any item that I know of! I’m so happy to have received Zola as a recommendation, knowing that this time, our service would actually work.

This site seems great so far. It was very easy to set up, the look of it is appealing, and you can add honeymoon items or physical gifts. You have the options to allow your guests to choose the traditional gift (if you add any). We haven’t circulated it to any family or friends yet, so there hasn’t been any gifts to receive funds from. I’ll write an update post on the money transfer process once we get there!

In the meantime, check out the look of our site and let me know what you think: bit.ly/dianaben 


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