Shout Out to #DailyHappyTraveller

I like to consider myself new in the blogging world and little things get me excited. I know I’ve had this blog over a year, but I’m still figuring it out. And I’m also exploring other blogs, mostly travel blogs because that’s what I love! Somewhat recently, I came across We’re the Travelers – Travelling Dave‘s blog. He has this wonderful feature named #DailyHappyTraveller in which he accepts photos from fellow travelers and will post the pic and info and even their blog link (if you have one).

I love this feature because I really find such beauty in nature and in other cultures. I find myself scrolling endlessly through Instagram travel photos and am in awe at some of the shots people have captured and I want to do the same! Now I visit #DHT weekly to see what new posts Dave has made!

I sent him a photo from our honeymoon and he featured it! Check it out here. The photo was from the top of one of the Xunantunich Maya Ruins in Cayo, Belize. It was a day long excursions we took to the mainland. It was incredibly breathtaking and beautiful. There were views of the tops of the rain forest in Belize and even views across the border into Guatemala. Our tour guide was dedicated just to us two, so we were able to spend more time and learn so much about the ruins.

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