Another Year as a $9 Fare Club Member

It happened yet again… I forgot to cancel my Spirit $9 Fare Club Membership. Damnit!! I even put a reminder alert in my calendar, but we are planning a trip to see Ben’s family in St. Thomas and I was trying to firm up those plans and determine baggage needs that I ended up forgetting to cancel the membership once everything was ironed out. So you know what that means right? We just have to plan some more trips on Spirit this year!!

I know a lot of people that HATE Spirit, but we’ve never really had any issues with them. We’ve only had one longer delay, which was 4 hours, but luckily we found out before going to the airport and got to spend more time on our vacation exploring new areas. Many complain about the excessive fees. We never care to pay to pick our seats because we are always seated next to each other when we book together. If we ever check a bag, it’s usually just one and we do it upon booking so it’s cheaper. So do they nickel and dime you for everything? Of course!! But when you don’t take advantage of the extras, it’s cheap as hell!! I mean I wouldn’t book Spirit to fly from Florida to Phoenix and pay $350 per ticket when I can get direct flights and free bags on Southwest for only $400 RT. But we definitely book Spirit to go to Niagara Falls or New Orleans or Dallas for only $49 per ticket! (Who wouldn’t?!?)

So if you’re looking for a CHEAP little getaway, I highly recommend Spirit if you aren’t a picky, high-maintenance traveler.

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