There’s a New Brewery in Town: NOBO Brewing

Whenever I hear about a new brewery, I get excited. But when it’s in my backyard, I’m overjoyed! I had been following NOBO Brewing Company on Facebook waiting for them to announce their opening, but our friends beat us to it. They just opened up the other weekend and we just had to go! When I originally heard about NOBO, I fell in love with the name, which stands for Northern Boynton. So now I love to tell people that I live in SOBO – Southern Boynton if you didn’t pick up on that…

Their website needs some work considering the About Us, Beers, Facebook and Instagram links don’t work. But we had the pleasure of going in to check them out and support our local businesses. While the place is small, it’s super nice and decorated well. It feels comfortable when you walk in. And it may seem like an odd thing to like, but I love their concrete bar! Makes me want to put one in at the house.

So onto the important stuff… the BEER! I tried the Blonde Ale and Ben tried the Hefe. While both were good beers, the Hefe was awesome! We even saw some of our friends from Devour Brewing there! The craft beer lovers are such great people and you always run into them around town. We stayed for a couple hours and enjoyed quite a few Hefes… we couldn’t help but keep drinking them they were so good.

For the animal lovers, there’s a small outside porch with seating that you can bring your pets to enjoy the beautiful South Florida weather, granted it was a torrential downpour when we were there lol. The staff seemed great, but there were also about 5 bartenders behind the small bar, seemed a little cramped back there.  And their beer prices are in line with what most breweries charge. You should definitely check out NOBO the next time your’re in the area.


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