New Year’s Resolutions as a Mrs. 

Well to be honest these resolutions aren’t any different than if I was still a Miss. 2016 was a crazy hectic year planning for the wedding. We had many busy weekends filled with our engagement party, food tastings, bachelor and bachelorette weekend, bridal shower, wedding, honeymoon, family visits and so on. Needless to say there were too many weekends of eating and drinking excessively… yes I admit I over indulged too much. So this year I’m getting back to healthier me! Ben is even on board with this. We have been hitting the gym together regularly and planning meals. We have even been cooking together more. I’ve come across dinner meal kits that are delivered to your door! I’ll be writing more blogs on those services. They are amazing!

So here’s my wonderful list of resolutions:

  1. Live healthier – eat better, drink less and excercise more
  2. Professional growth – start my Graphic Design Associate’s Degree program
  3. Personal growth – volunteer at least once per quarter
  4. Clean out – remove toxic people from my life to live more positively and donate excess items in the home
  5. Be productive – finish small home projects and create some new fun ones

I will elaborate more on each of these and keep you posted on our progress! I’m ready to take on 2017 and make it an awesome year!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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