Top Golf Jacksonville

When I was about 8 years old, my grandpa started trying to talk me into playing golf. He tried to persuade me up until I was almost out of high school, but love all those years was softball and played year-round. I just don’t think it’s possible to play softball and golf at the same time because my softball swing was beautiful but that made my golf swing horrible! Fast forward to my 30’s and I no longer play softball but have picked up golf as a hobby. Slowly, I have learned to lose my softball swing and have started mastering my golf swing! It’s taken a couple years and I still don’t play consistently but my game is much better than it was 10+ years ago. My grandpa would be so happy!

With TopGolf popping up everywhere, we were hoping one would come to West Palm Beach. (Still keeping my fingers crossed) When we were in Orlando for our anniversary we saw the TopGolf building and thought it was open, but NO! It was opening just 5 days after we’d be leaving… ugh. But then there was hope! We planned a short getaway for New Year’s Eve weekend to Jacksonville. They had a TopGolf that was open! We went in NYE morning and played for two hours. It was the greatest thing imaginable!

So for starters, you have to buy a $5 membership card that’s good for life, but don’t lose it! The facility is large with a bar/restaurant and a rooftop lounge plus three floors of golf bays. We were on the bottom floor. Since Ben is a lefty, he had to request a set of clubs which they have stored in the back. They run you through a quick lesson at your bay and you’re off to playing!

The Bay Area is nice with a table that seats eight and you have a designated server for ordering food and drinks. There are some nice bays with couches but not sure how you get one of those. We paid to play two hours but you can actually buy just 30 minutes if you wanted.

We are fully obsessed now! We played the simple game where you get points if you hit any target. We aren’t ready to upgrade to the target practice yet! But I beat Ben 3 out of 5 games šŸ˜‰

TopGolf is a great place for golfers and non-golfers to have some fun. I highly suggest grabbing some friends and making an evening of it. Just know that the later you go, the higher the hourly rate – that’s why we go before noon, it’s the cheapest time to play!

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