Vacation Day 3: Niagara Falls to Home

We always plan to get up at a certain time and get going and plan our day out. Well, we never actually get up and going when we plan to. We were about an hour behind our schedule and today had lots to do packed into it. We started with the free hotel breakfast overlooking... Continue Reading →

Vacation Day 2: Toronto back to Niagara

Of course we woke up late, after a super late night... We checked out of our AirBnB after taking more pics from the amazing balcony. We then headed for breakfast at Cafe Crepe at 246 Queen Street West. It was a quaint little spot with great service and tasty food. I had the Florentine with... Continue Reading →

Vacation Day 1: Niagara to Toronto

We are on our first mini vacation of 2017 to Canada! When we kept telling everyone who asked, that we were taking a vacation to Niagara Falls and Toronto in February, the first thing they asked was WHY?! We both were like WHY NOT?! We live in South Florida and don't get to see the... Continue Reading →

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