From a Career Change to Hurricane Irma to Home Remodeling – an Update

I’ve never been really good about consistently blogging. And I’ve been MIA for a couple months. Life has brought a lot of changes! Since my last post, I quit my job of 6 years, started a new job, got hit by Hurricane Irma, took a vacation to NOLA, still trying to finish my first semester of my graphic design program, and completely gutted our living room and kitchen which still sits looking like a new home construction site. So yeah, lots us been going on in such a short period of time!

My job of 6 years had become something I despised and the bosses had become ugly people by tearing down their employees and promoting competition amongst coworkers. It was a really toxic environment and I was lucky to survive it and be able to move on. I’m completely out of the nutrition world and now in the world of furniture. It’s been exciting and invigorating to learn so many new things! The environment and people are pretty awesome too. It was a great move to make. Oh and my commute went from at least an hour to only 10 minutes!! Cha-Ching!!

As for Hurricane Irma (that bitch!), we came out unscathed and so grateful! But our family in St. Thomas was not so lucky 😦 They are picking up the pieces and managing very well so that’s at least settling to hear. But then we had more family get hit by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico 😦 and Maria also caused a little more damage to St. Thomas! We only lost power for a few days which was interested because I’ve never been without power that long. But I finally learned how to grill! I know that sounds pathetic but Ben has always been the griller.

So at least now I know, which has definitely come in handy for our demolition project. We have no kitchen. Our main living space is down to just the four exterior walls and the foundation. We have made our front porch the kitchen. It’s actually not bad to be honest. The hardest part is the amount of dust that collects even through closed doors! So I’m contastantly cleaning our bedroom and swiffering! 

I hope to get back to blogging more, especially since we have some more exciting trips coming up like Orlando, San Fran and Hawaii! I just wanted to give you a quick little update. I’m hoping to have a new travel blog post out within the next week. So stay tuned my loves!


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