Alfred Angelo Closed


downloadBecause my blog started as a journey of our wedding planning and many posts were wedding related, I felt the need to share the info that Alfred Angelo closed and has screwed over many brides. I could not imagine being in that situation! I Joined the Wedding Swip Swap Facebook page and there are so many upset, irate, hysterical brides and rightfully so! I guess AA had several stores there were supposedly closing August 31st. But unexpectedly and without warning, they shut down all locations yesterday.

If the dresses were in alterations, apparently the seamstress has their dress. But if the order was placed and the bride hasn’t seen the dress, then I guess you’re screwed and need to contact the bankruptcy lawyer. Here’s the info that’s been posted for that:


It’s really sad to read all of the brides-to-be posts on the AA Facebook page. I hope that the bigwigs there pay for this. It’s also sad for the employees too because they weren’t even told until they got to work yesterday! How ridiculous is that?!

All I know is that when I went to the Boynton Beach Alfred Angelo store to try dresses on, it was the worst experience ever. So bad that I wrote a long bad review on Yelp. I’m so glad I never gave my money to this worthless company. I really hope this is made right somehow for all the brides and bridesmaids out there that are affected.


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