Travel Blogs – Booking Hotels


There are so many travel blogs out there it’s a bit overwhelming when you start researching them! Since we are always looking for great new adventures, I figured I’d start looking up other’s blogs about travel to see if any of their posts sparked interest. But I only realized one thing… the majority of these sites offer hotel recommendations that are suitable only for people with lots of money!

For example, Ben and I are going to Hawaii in November so I was looking up info on Maui. One blogger talked about her recommendation for a hotel. It was the freaking Waldorf Astoria at $485 per night! We want to keep our grand total for 6 nights around $800!! How can your average person relate to or want to follow your blog when it’s just not realistic? I mean do celebrities follow your blog and you’re offering them advice? (I get it, I’m over exaggerating – they’d drop like $20k per night!) So when you’re recommending places to stay, can you please provide a budget-friendly option and then a splurge option? This will make your blog more appealing to a broader group of people, or at least to me… K, thanks!

Now I shouldn’t say all travel blogs are like this because I actually found one that I love – Bonvoyage Bitches. This is my kind of chick. She has a variety of budget ideas and then splurge ideas. Because let’s be honest, we all should splurge once in a while!

By the way, I’m loving AirBnB and HomeAway more each day. We should be able to stay within our budget for the 6 nights! We plan to stay 3 nights in 1 bedroom condo in Kaanapali that’s right on the water and then make our trek on the Road to Hana and stay in the countryside in a studio. Planning in advance pays off!!


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