Best DSLR Camera for a Beginner Photographer


I took a photography class back in high school and remember loving it. I also just love taking photos and looking to Pinterest for inspiration. And now that we travel a lot and see many beautiful places, I want to start taking more professional looking photos for our albums and frames at home. I’m even in the process of learning Photoshop so I can edit photos.

So I’m writing this in hopes of getting everyone’s opinion on what’s the best camera for a beginning photographer who wants to do it for leisure. I am open to spending a decent amount for a great camera. But I also don’t need all the bells and whistles or the top of the line camera.

Also, since I’m planning to use for fun and not professionally, and I am a beginner, is it best to maybe start with a used camera? What about an older model? Or should I just buy new to have the latest technology and a warranty on the product?

I would love you input!!


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