Wedding Ring Rash is a Thing


I have been wearing my engagement ring for a year and half, and now my wedding band added in for the last 4 months. But now all of a sudden, I have a red rash on my finger under my rings. It’s been itchy and small red bumps. At first I freaked out, like wtf?? I took my rings off for about a week and applied Aquaphor, which seemed to help but I did not like not having my rings on.

But once I started wearing them again, the rash  came right back. So I decided it was time to play doctor and use Google to diagnose my finger issues. To my surprise, there were tons IMG_0052of articles about how wedding ring rash really is a thing! It’s common in people with sensitive skin or skin conditions. I was surprised to find out that gold has small amounts of nickel and you could have a nickel allergy that’s causing the rash. I actually suffer from dermatitis and I usually have to use cosmetics and toiletries that are for sensitive skin. While I’ve been able to tame the rash a bit, I figured it’s time to go to the dermatologist and see about getting a prescription cream that might help. And maybe find out if I have a nickel allergy. But it’s so weird that this just popped up after wearing the rings so long… Anyone else have this issue??

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  1. This happened​ to me, too. I didn’t wear jewelry before getting married and I thought it was just because water got under the ring then never dried completely. Eventually I just asked my husband if he’d be okay if I didn’t wear a ring and he was. So I don’t wear a wedding ring but I am happily married.


    1. Diana R says:

      It’s u fortunate you’re unable to wear your rings but it’s nice that your hubby understands! I feel jewelers should warn people about possible nickel allergies.


      1. I also just enjoy not wearing jewelry. I don’t have to worry about putting lotion on my hands or getting the ring dirty or it falling off. And if anyone ever tried to rob me, they wouldn’t be getting much!


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