Wedding Photographer Nightmare

So somehow this entire post was deleted and has been sitting with no text… Not sure how that happened, but I’ll retell this nightmare.

Our wedding was October 15th and we received a preview about 2 weeks after. We were told the entire photo package would take 6-8 weeks from the wedding to receive. Week 8, I followed up with Sarah Kenney and she said she needed another week or two. Then she promised by Christmas. Well two weeks went by and I followed up again and she needed another week. I had to be the one to continuously follow up with her to find out where things were. She never took the initiative to keep me in the loop when we’re the ones that paid her! So Christmas comes and goes and we weren’t able to give any photos as gifts.

December 26 – I text asking for an update. No response.

December 27 – She texts asking for our address and that she’s mail the flash drive that Thursday. I give her our address.

January 6 – Five days since she was to mail the pics and we still had nothing. So I text asking where they are. No response.

January 8 – I let her know I’ll be in her city if I can please pick up the flash drive. She responds. But she tells me that she needs another day!! Some excuse about being busy and backed up. So why didn’t she let me know that she didn’t mail the flash drive like she said she would?!? I’m furious at this point. I just want my pics and I want to cry…

January 9 – She actually gives me an update without me asking first. She mail out the drive and said we should receive it the next day or day after that.

January 12 – Three more days go by and we have nothing so I text asking for tracking. No response…

January 13 – We finally receive the goddamn drive. I’m so excited to look through the pics. But, I’m instantly disappointed because there’s only about 400 pics, and 200 are duplicates in black and white. And here’s the kicker… there’s not pics from after dinner! So no conga line, no garter toss, no bouquet toss, none of Ben and I on the dance floor, no overhead shot that I specifically requested. No fun pics of everyone dancing around! I wanted to cry. I was in shock and couldn’t believe it. My worst nightmare of picking a photographer had come true!

January 14 – I call Sarah and leave a voicemail explaining my issues and missing pics.

January 15 – She texts me at 7:38am on a Sunday but can’t call me back about this HUGE issue! She said she’s look at her files and get back to me.

January 17 – I text asking what she’s found out. She should have made us priority #1 at this point!!

I try calling a couple more times with no response. I literally cried quite a few times. I even talked to two lawyers to see what my options were here. I was livid and was gonna drown her if something didn’t get fixed.

January 22 – I text her again letting her know I’ve been patient. I was never once rude with her. After all, she had something so precious that I wanted so desperately I would have done anything to get those photos.

January 24 – She texts me saying she lost the pics. My heart sank and I cried. She didn’t back them up or something. But she was going to try some digital recovery software.

January 26 – I text asking how long the process takes. She responded saying she would know that afternoon. A few hours later, she text saying she recovered them.

February 2 – I text asking how long will it take to get those photos now. She said I’d receive them the next day.

I received the rest of the photos. But in the end, I’m still not happy with our pics or the photographer. The quality of most was bad and grainy. She didn’t photoshop Ben’s sweaty pits. She didn’t take any photos of Ben with all of his groomsmen. The way she posed us was generic and awkward. All around I’m glad we didn’t go in debt over our wedding or I’d be sad every time I look at our photos knowing they are not good. But now when I think back to our wedding, I do have drama and upsetting moments that flood my brain that I wish I never had. So my advice, DO NOT EVER hire Sarah Kenney Photography. She did my friend’s wedding so I thought I knew what I was getting, but no, not at all. It was a very horrible experience and I wish I could do our wedding over again so we could have better photos. I look at other’s wedding galleries and the quality of theirs makes me jealous. 😦


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