No Kids, No Pets? You’re Not Alone

Do you have any kids? No. Do you have any pets? No. Really?? Yes, really. Then you must have a lot of time to yourself. What do you do?

Seriously?!? The above conversation has occurred on several occasions and it’s very insulting and frustrating. I feel like they are insinuating I literally have nothing to do just because I don’t have children or any animals. My life is busy. As a matter of fact, I work a full-time job and when I’m not there I spend time with my husband doing things we love. I also have errands just like you – grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, etc. And I even travel for work, cook, clean, do volunteer work, exercise, have hobbies, etc.  I do not judge people for having kids and/or pets. And I certainly never make them feel inferior for not having chose the path I did in life.

I was not put on this earth to only nurture and care for little ones and furry ones. So do me a favor and do not downplay my life and it’s purpose. Having children and pets is a choice, not a requirement. And we chose to have neither. Does that make me horrible person? No! So please don’t give me the look of disgust or the stink eye or a sympathetic sigh.

There’s also a huge lesson to be learned on why you shouldn’t express your disagreement with why others do not have children or pets. This doesn’t pertain to me, but I’ve had several friends with these issues. You should really stop and consider why some may not have children… Did they miscarry? Are they unable to bear children? Can they not afford a child? Do they have personal demons (drugs/alcohol abuse)? There could be many reasons people want kids, but just can’t. So please stop being insensitive and stop thinking that your way is the only way to live life.

Ben and I love our little family of two – and yes, we are a FAMILY! We do not need children or pets to make us one. We can come and go as we please without worrying if we have a sitter, if we left enough diapers or food, or who’s going to take the dog to the vet or the kids to soccer practice. We love to travel together and see the world. This is our plan and our choice of life – so respect it or please keep your mouth shut.


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  1. Brilliant post! ‘I was not put on this earth to only nurture and care for little ones and furry ones.’ Amen to that! You may enjoy my latest post:

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    1. Diana R says:

      Thanks! And I loved your blog post too! It’s just crazy women are “expected” to have children. Enjoy your child-free life 😉

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      1. Indeed! You too! xx


  2. Maybe a response like “So you’re telling me that you HAVE kids? That’s crazy. How do you manage without having any time to do anything?!?” But then again, that would just be seen as some crazy talk from a woman without kids. I don’t have kids either so I can relate to this post. I do have cats and sometimes I regret getting them… Which makes me wonder if I had kids, if I’d regret having them, too.


    1. Diana R says:

      I’m sure if I took your advice too many mothers would get offended… but it’s so true!! And yes, it’s not like you can try kids out and I would feel terrible if I ever regretted having them but I think it would be human to have those feelings from time to time.


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