Still Waiting on Photos


We are now over 10 weeks past the wedding and our photographer still has not gotten all of our photos to us! I was wanting to print some and give as Christmas gifts, but obviously that didn’t happen. Originally our photographer said 6-8 weeks to receive all the images.

At week 8 (Dec. 4th), I text her and she apologized saying she’s been busy and will need another week or two, but promised before Christmas. She also said she’d add more photos to our shareable link that same day. Well 2 weeks went by and no new photos were added to our link and I text her again (Dec. 18th) asking for a new ETA. She said she’d have them to me that same day and apologized. But then, get this! She sent a text that read: I lost some of my contacts when my phone crashed last week just wanted to double check who this is. SERIOUSLY?? You promise to get my photos that same day, but you don’t even know who I am? So who’s photos were we going to get?? The next day (Dec. 19th) when I have still not received anything, I sent another text about the photos. This time, no response. Then yesterday (Dec. 26th), I sent yet another one asking for the ETA.

I’m trying to be nice because I just want our photos that we paid good money for! I don’t want to piss her off and then never get our photos or turn this into a nightmare. Well surprise, she didn’t respond… I’m upset, near tears. I want to call and rip her a new one for jerking us around for 10 weeks!! Finally, today (Dec. 27th) she text me asking for our home address because she’d be mailing the flash drive on Thursday. So at best, we may receive it Dec. 31st. But I am afraid it may never show up so she can buy herself more time…

I would have never cared if she originally told us 10-12 weeks or whatever. I hate that she kept making promises and then never delivered. It was like being repeatedly lied to and now I have no trust or faith in her. Our engagement photos came out wonderful and I wanted to love her and recommend her. But I just simply can’t. I almost wish we had chosen a different photographer because this has been stressful and upsetting. Choosing the photographer was the most difficult choice because you only get one go at it and if it’s not good or they don’t deliver, you can’t go back and do it all over again. And it’s one of the most expensive wedding expense.


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