Time to Plan Something

Although I’ve been busy, I still have a hole from no wedding planning, no honeymoon planning, just no more planning. So what do I do? I look into vacation ideas for me and the hubby of course! We have the Spirit $9 Fare Club. I know most people hate Spirit, but we actually haven’t had that bad of experiences with them over the past 3 years we’ve been part of the club. But we also understand we are paying next to nothing and therefore, get nothing from Spirit. I mean we went to Dallas for only $95 for two non-stop, round-trip tickets! Then we went to Atlanta for $105 for two! You just can’t beat those deals, until I started looking for a winter 2017 vacation plan… We are going to Niagara Falls and Toronto in February! And it cost us only $87 for the two of us non-stop.

Now I’m thick in the planning! We are going to visit Niagara Falls and stay in the Embassy Suites that actually overlooks the Falls. Then we are going to drive through St. Catharines in Ontario stopping at some wineries and breweries. Then make our way to Toronto, Canada and stay downtown and do some exploring! Everyone keeps telling us just how freezing cold it is there in February. And yes, being from South Florida, we will freeze our butts off, but it’s going to be so much fun. I really hope to see some snow!! Plus, this gives me a good reason to go shopping and buy some cute boots 😉

Are there any great places we should add to our itinerary between Toronto and Niagara Falls? Would love some more suggestions!


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