Wedding Gift Etiquette

There’s no easy way to bring up this topic without sounding entitled, selfish, or stuck-up… but is there a protocol on wedding gift giving? I mean we didn’t expect gifts from everyone, but I figured a simple wedding card stating congrats is to be expected. But we had about 20% of our guest list do nothing. I guess I was so shocked because I have never gone to a wedding a not brought a gift. And for the weddings I could not attend, I still sent a gift and a card. I’m not complaining at all, because we had an amazing time and it wasn’t about the gifts, so I hope no one takes it that way. But, I do feel this is a topic that brides should be aware of. It’s no longer customary to bring the bride and groom a gift.

So brides-to-be, don’t Google wedding gift giving etiquette, because all of those sites are incorrect. It’s not mandatory to give a gift, and there is never a set amount depending on the guests’ relation to you. And, just because you have a registry, people will still buy whatever they like! This is just something to be mindful of so there aren’t any surprises.


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  1. This might sound weird but in my experience, If you really want a lot of wedding (or baby) gifts, joining a church usually will do it. They tend to throw wedding showers and baby showers and there are usually tons of gifts. Especially if it’s a big church.


    1. Diana R says:

      I never really thought about that but it makes sense. Church groups tend to support other members so I could see this being the case!

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