How’s Married Life?


This is a question I get all the time and we are only one month into being Mr. & Mrs. and we feel no different at all other than the fact that the wedding party is over! lol But I feel in this day and age, not much changes after the wedding. Ben and I had been together six years already when we said our vows, we already were living together, we already had everything in the house we needed (especially after selling my house and consolidating to one home!), we already had a joint credit card and paid the bills together. So for us no, nothing at all has changed. I’m in the process of changing my last name and once that takes effect, that will be the only difference, and a very weird one to get used to!

We now get to sit back, relax and enjoy each other. And maybe even plan our next vacation which I’m already dying to go on…


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