Post-Wedding Recap

I’m depressed… great way to start my post-wedding blog! But I’m depressed because it’s over and it was simply amazing, perfect, exciting, fun; any good adjective it was that! We had a couple hiccups, but that’s normal with planning any event. I rolled with them and never got stressed because I was just too damn happy to care! It was so great to have so many family and friends, all our loved ones, come together, get to know one another and party it up with us. My great friend from high school was there and I got to see him every single day he was here and I just miss him so much. And it’s so great when your current friends get along so well with friends from that past. Everything just went way too fast! We are 6 days post-wedding and it feels like it was just yesterday, but yet it’s already a hazy memory. I can’t wait to get our pics back from the photographer, but we have to wait 6-8 weeks!! That seems like an eternity… LOL I’m not going to into too much detail, but this is where I’ve been and why I haven’t posted. I’m officially MRS. BURNS!!! Now we can look forward to our honeymoon in 2.5 weeks! Ciao for now!


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