The Final Countdown

We are officially into the week of our wedding! Only 3.5 more days! It’s crazy, exciting, busy and even a little sad that after 5 days we won’t have any more fun wedding planning stuff. I’m just so many emotions, but not nervous, never nervous. I’ve had a few people ask me that. This decision to marry Ben is something I’ll never be nervous about, never second guess, never anything negative. I can’t wait to be his wife! Nothing will change for us, we will continue to love each other, laugh with (and sometimes at) each other. We will challenge one another and debate things. I’ll still get annoyed that he can’t push his chair in when he’s done and he’ll still wish I was more patient. But those will be the moments we live for because when one of us gone for a weekend on business, those irritants will surely be missed. I have never felt more safe, calm, happy and sane around anyone else, while still being able to be my crazy self. I really am blessed for being able to find that one person you can connect with wholeheartedly and never have any regrets with. I have never felt more ready for anything in life than this coming Saturday when we finally get to say “I do!”


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