Gifts for the Mother of Bride & Groom


I love buying gifts and thinking of something special to give people. So when it came time to find gifts for those helping us with the wedding, I was excited! Etsy is my go to for unique gift ideas. And when I searched “mother of bride gifts” so many options popped up. I was ready to purchase a ceramic jewelry box with a special poem on the lid and a monogrammed necklace until I happen to be on Pinterest and came across the best idea!box
Eve’s Addiction is a site for persotreenalized jewelry and gifts. They had Sterling Silver Family Tree Necklaces that you could pick the number of birthstones you wanted on it. I loved this idea! For my mom, it has 8 for her three children, her two son-in-laws, and her three grand-babies. For Ben’s mom, it has 7 stones for her three children, her son-in-law, me, and her two grand-kids. Then I added a Heart Jewelry Box engraved with a special saying for each.

When these arrived the quality was really nice and I loved the gifts and can’t wait to give them to my mom and my MIL. I know they will love them as much as I do!


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