Wedding Favors a Waste of Money?

Originally, we were going to do a candy bar with take home baggies that had our names and wedding date on them as kind of our wedding favor. But, when Ben’s mom said she wanted to do a Venetian Hour for desserts, we scrapped the candy bar idea. We looked around at possible favors only to find that anything “cool” that the guests would like was going to cost and exorbitant amount and anything we could afford was, well quite frankly, crap! So in the end we decided on no favors. But we did buy custom drink coasters that will be placed at each seat, so in essence, if guests want that as a keepsake, they can definitely have it!

Thinking back to weddings I’ve been to, most I can’t even remember if there was a guest favor. I have received the following from those I do remember: luggage tag, bottle opener, seed paper, and a succulent plant. I may have donated the luggage tag because my suitcase has a pocket sleeve for my info. The bottle opener and seed paper (from my sister’s wedding), I’m pretty sure is in a box in storage and the succulent plant from a friend’s wedding just 2 months ago is on our back porch probably about to die…

I even remember noticing that many seats had left their favors behind, especially at the last wedding we went to. This confirmed our decision to not waste the money on favors.

Have you been to a wedding that had a great guest favor? If so, what was it?


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