Nexgen Nail Trial


I finally started my nail/hand routine in hopes of having long, nice ones for the wedding. I tend to pick at my nails a lot and even gel manis would peel up or break off (mainly my fault). So after doing extensive research and reading hundreds of various reviews at local salons, I finally went to Oxygenix in Boynton Beach and got a Nexgen mani. I had really short nails at the time, so I couldn’t really get the squared look I like with my natural nails. And I kind of panicked thinking I was taking too long to pick my color out and didn’t really like my end result, again, my fault… lol. But the job my tech did was great! It lasted the full two weeks without any chipping, cracking or peeling up. I was also making a real conscious effort to not pick at my nails.IMG_8491

I went back to get them redone, this time for the bachelorette trip this weekend! Below is the new color and I made sure to not rush picking it out 🙂 My nails are growing great and the Nexgen isn’t harsh on my nails. I also bought Creative Nail Design, Inc. (CND) Nail & Cuticle Oil to help further beautify my hands along with regularly using hand lotion. I am determined to make my man hands looks feminine! I have large hands for a female, larger than most men, but my excuse is I’m tall for girl!

In just two weeks of consistent hand care, I’m happy with the results. If I keep this up for the next two months until the wedding, I may end up becoming a hand model!


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