Why Do You Judge Other People’s Weddings?

We just went to my friend’s wedding this past weekend and all I could think is “WOW! Our wedding is not going to be this fancy and elegant…” After thinking about that, it made me a bit sad because I personally think our wedding will be amazing!! But have you ever watch Four Weddings? I love and hate that show because how can you rate someone else’s wedding?? I love seeing their day come together but hate it when one bride says the food wasn’t good, there wasn’t enough food, there were too many people, etc… Oh please! The day wasn’t created for the guests, it’s for the couple. Obviously, everyone has different tastes, but also more importantly, different budgets!

My friend’s wedding had to be more than double what we are spending. And while I loved every part of hers, I just could never spend that kind of money for just one day. But then it started to make me wonder if our guests will scowl at the plastic (and disposable) cups they will be drinking out of and plates they will be eating off of. We did splurge and get stainless steal utensils instead of plastic! LOL Or will they be turned off at the fact they have to serve themselves their food instead of a plated dinner?

I can’t help but have these thoughts run through my head as I want everyone to love the wedding just as much as Ben and I will. We just live in a judgmental society so I need to flip the bird to any ungrateful guest, jk!! No, seriously, why are they our guest if they want to point out what’s not good enough for them…


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  1. Laurie-ann says:

    Guests often say that the more relaxed wedding receptions are the best and most enjoyable, do have the day that makes you and your partner feel comfortable and happy and let your love shine through 🙂 that is the most important part 🙂 x


    1. Diana R says:

      Thanks Laurie-Ann! Our will definitely be all about having fun!!

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