Unique Wedding Seating Chart


We originally thought it would be open seating so we didn’t have to worry about a seating 650xNxnandj_seatingchart.jpg.pagespeed.ic.8qNDDequNvplan or chart. But as our guest list began to grow and grow, we thought that might create a bit of mess. To Pinterest I went for unique seating chart ideas. Keeping in line with our music theme, we came up with a great idea to use vinyl records as our seating chart. Well we didn’t come up with on our own, I saw the image to the right and loved it! But we did modify it to be more of our own idea by using vinyl records. I watched craigslist for garage sales that had 45s. We were able to score 10 of these for only $8. These would be the perfect size to fit on a board for a large frame we already had just sitting around in the house with no use. Found it’s purpose in life! Cha-ching!

We will have 10 tables, so we each get to pick our favorite artist, album and then ultimately song. We will print out the album cover and glue it to the sleeve for the 45s, then we will glue the record coming half-way out of the sleeve. Then we will write the guests names for that table directly on the vinyl. We tested out options and found that paint pens from Michael’s work best with no smearing! (Note: sharpies do not write well on vinyl, and they smudge!)

At each table, we will then have a picture frame with the artist’s name and then a quote from our favorite song on the album. The only part that I’m stumped on right now, is the wording to put on the seating board to let guests know how to locate their table. How would this sound? To find your table, locate the artist and lyric from your album.

What other unique wedding seating charts have you seen that you loved?


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