When to Get My Nails Done


Of course I plan to have my nails done for the wedding, but I can’t decide if I should do fake tips, gel mani or a plain old mani. And if I decide to get fake nails should I get them done long in advance to get used to having them? What if I go with gel and want my nails to grow out (which I have a very difficult time doing on my own), should I get them done soon and keep going back to have them done? I’m not much of a manicure girl because I constantly use my hands and polish never holds. Plus it seems like a lot of maintenance and that’s just not my thing…

I do know I want a neutral or nude color, nothing crazy bright or bold. (image below is not my hand, totally wish I had her nails!!) So does anyone have any advice or suggestions on what I should do and when? The wedding is less than 3 months so I figured I need to get a game plan, and soon! e08292931d9af4a08a1b8640058e47e5


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  1. Wow, three months really isn’t long – you must be very excited!

    I am personally a big fan of gel nails (I even have my own kit), not only do they allow your nails to grow without damaging them – if you’re careful and remove them right – they also look natural and last much longer than normal polish. You could have gel nails done now to see if you’re happy with them, then you’ll also be gaining length for the wedding! Having them done every 2-3 weeks for three months is bound to get expensive, so you can spend the breaks in between using oil and looking after them.

    Whatever you choose, I’m sure they’ll look lovely!


    1. Diana R says:

      Thanks so much for the advise!! I’m attending a friend’s wedding this weekend and may go ahead and try the gel nails this week! And yes, three months is nothing; it will be here before I know it, eek!!

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