So Much Wedding Apparel


I never realized how many new outfits I would need to buy because I’m getting married. Now, I know I don’t NEED to buy new outfits, but these are all special occasions and for me, new outfits make me feel even more special 🙂 Here’s the quick list I came up so you know from the moment you say yes, you better start keeping you’re eye out for clothing deals!

  1. Engagement Photos
  2. Engagement Party
  3. Bachelorette Party
  4. Bridal Shower
  5. Rehearsal Dinner
  6. Getting ready outfit
  7. Bridal Gown
  8. Honeymoon attire

I still need to find Bridal Shower and Honeymoon outfits. I found great deals on swim suits for the Bachelorette and Honeymoon at Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale and at What are some good sites for cute, inexpensive dresses?


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