Wedding Flowers: Too Many Options


Anyone that knows me, knows a couple things… 1) I hate wasting money on dumb things and 2) I think flowers are one of those dumb things. Now this presented a problem when it came time to figure out flowers for the wedding. First the centerpieces… Fake flowers! I found very nice quality, fake yellow calla lilies from China on eBay. These will be submerged in water in vases so it’s not like you’ll be able to tell they are fake. And the bonus is that the eBay shipper severely messed up my order so eBay ended up refunding me half the cost of these, which was only $12 since they were so cheap! But hey, I’m not complaining!

Before I even started thinking about the wedding party, I was at a flea market with my parents and looking through some jewelry. I found 4 rose gold pins and thought these would be a unique idea for the groomsmen instead of traditional boutonnieres. So I bought the 4 pins for only $8 total. And when we added an additional couple to our wedding party, I found a matching gold pin on eBay for $3.75. Now get this… when I received the pin, I pointed out to the seller that the leaf was bent backwards and the rose head turned, which it wasn’t supposed to. So she offered a $2.75 refund! I was seriously on a roll for getting refunds with eBay that month!

After exhausting Pinterest for unique bridesmaid bouquet ideas, nothing I came across seemed easy enough to make without putting in too much money. So my hunt for florists began. I reached out to about 16 local Palm Beach County florist. I was actually surprised there were even that many around me. The best and cheapest option was the florist next to the brewery we always go to. We set up an appointment to go over everything. We needed 1 bridal bouquet, 1 toss bouquet, 5 bridesmaid bouquets, 2 boutonnieres (Groom and my dad), and 2 corsages (for the moms). The total came to $286.20. I was still having a difficult time choking down that cost of something that will die after one day, but it was by far the best price I had received. One quote came in at $989!!! How can two quotes asking for the same exact thing come in $700 apart?!? It makes no sense.

Then I came across Nature’s Bouquet in Wellington, FL. For the exact same order, they were $237.60. But they even gave me other flower idea options that were less expensive because I had asked all florists to quote based on roses but to also give cheaper options. So with a mix of roses and carnations to make what I asked for, we are now only paying $202 for all items needed!


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