Getting Wedding Skinny


g1392068335303371215.jpgLuckily fitness and healthy eating has been a part of my life for almost my entire life. I know all the do’s and don’ts, but I just get lazy sometimes and fall off the wagon. But my knowledge helps me to know that although the number on the scale isn’t moving, I’m aware that I’m gaining muscle and toning up. I can even tell that my thighs have slimmed down a little over the past 3 weeks! I mean don’t get me wrong, I’d love the scale to read 125, but who am I kidding?! Those days are gone forever because I have no plans to completely deprive myself of all things delicious (especially alcohol…)!

I was a little perturbed when my job closed the office gym and made the hours only 12-2pm. I normally went in there 4-5pm so I could go home and shower instead of stinking up the office with my 4 hour BO stench! But then I started to think about my routine and while yes, I was working out, I was doing lazy workouts; meaning 45 minutes on the elliptical. Now I know this is better than no workout, but my body hasn’t been seeing any changes. I call this my “lazy workouts”. So now that I’m forced to go after work, I’m back in the habit of taking classes. I have been regularly going to spin, kickboxing, total body and boot camp. All these combos were making me SUPER sore for the first 2 weeks and finally last week I could laugh without holding my abs and crying.

So the best wedding weight loss advise is variety! Getting stuck doing the same workout routine is boring and you’ll want to quit faster, plus you are working the same muscles over and over while neglecting others. Joining classes is a fun way to meet new people with the same goals or drag a friend along and make it a girls night out – healthy style! I’m looking forward to seeing more improvements in my body so I’ll be smoking in my wedding dress 😉



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