Personalized Wedding Touches


Because we are trying to be budget-savvy and sell off as much wedding decor as we can after the wedding, we haven’t been able to do too many personalized things. While music is our theme and we have plenty of decor ideas that don’t need branded, monogrammed, etc, we have put our own touch on things like the Save-the-Dates and the wedding invitations. But when I came across the site, I fell in love with the drink coasters. I decided this was the one piece I wanted to splurge on. And by splurge, I mean spend a useless $40… LOL

We were able to use their template and play around with the images, fonts, layout, etc and make pretty much our own coaster but without the special design fee since we used all of their options. They had some great choices for the image and we of course went with music notes. We were able to add our name and wedding date and they even had our shade of purple for the font! While many of these will probably be thrown out, I figured for the sentimental types, they can take the coaster home as their “wedding favor” or keepsake. (Honestly, wedding favors are a huge waste of money!)

Since I’m a thrifty shopper, I even waited until I received a 15% off coupon. Bonus!! I love the way these came and the ForYourParty site is super easy to use and the prices are very reasonable. To me, this was $40 very well spend 🙂 coaster


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