Where Does the Time Go?


I cannot believe we are less than 4 months away and when I look at my calendar, I only have 7 open weekends between now and the wedding to get stuff done! It’s getting to crunch time and I thought I had so much time left… Our invitations are taking forever to finalize and once they are printed there’s a lot of DIY that needs to be done to them before we can get them out. And, it doesn’t help that I’ve been dealing with some health issues that have made it difficult to get things done.

I’m really starting to wonder how in the hell people set a date just four months out from their engagement! If I didn’t have 13 months, there’s no way half of what we have planned would have ever happened! I’m sure this is a normal feeling most brides-to-be reach at some point in their wedding planning process.

My plan is to make a check list of everything we have left to do and set a deadline to complete it by. We already have plans to make some progress this weekend. Luckily it’s one of our free weekends!



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