Wedding Weight Loss Plan


When is too soon or too late to start your weight loss or workout plan to be in the best shape of your life for your wedding? I’ve really been struggling and pushing it off more and more. I used to workout every week at least 4 days per week and I even used to be really good about going on the weekends. But seriously, ever since we got engaged, my workout routine and dieting has gone to shit. We eat out every weekend, all weekend, while drinking way too much beer and even my week night meal planning stopped and my workouts are maybe twice a week. I even went an entire month of no gym sessions, which is the longest hiatus over the past eight years!! Yeah, it’s been bad.

Of course I want to look my best on our wedding day, plus I cannot gain any more weight if I want to fit into my dress. My dress is form fitting and didn’t need any alterations so I’m kind of screwed if I put on one more pound… We are now less than 4.5 months out from our big day (eek!) and I’ve decided now is the time to start making the gym my priority. I’m starting with heavy cardio for the first few weeks to get my body used to being back in the gym regularly. (aka Shock Therapy, duh!)

I need to drop a few pounds first and then I’m going to split it up into 3 days of cardio and 3 days of weight training. I’ve also started packing our lunches for the week on Sundays and planning our dinners out for the week. And the biggest change (and hardest!!) is cutting way back on my beer consumption. So it’ll be Raspberry Vodka, water, and a lime for this girl, in moderation of course!

I figure I’ll keep this up for the next 3 months and then the last month I plan to either get a personal trainer or join some boot camp or crossfit to kick my butt in high gear in the final weeks leading up to the wedding.

When do you think is the best time to really buckle down on your diet and exercise plan for your wedding? Am I starting too early, too late?



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  1. It’s never too soon! I think the biggest thing to overcome would be the thought process of doing it for your wedding. Which is obviously easier said than done, but when you make lifestyle changes try to have the mindset that your changing them for life!

    Also you’ll be surprised how much your body will change with just your diet. Up your water intake as much as you can, lots of protein and veggies. 3 meals 3 clean snacks, and reduce your wheat intake. Also if you can try to, only eat carbs after a workout to refuel your body. 🙂


    1. Diana R says:

      Thanks Hannah! Appreciate the advise and info! I used to be very good about living healthy for about 8 straight years and then I just don’t know what happened the last 8 months. But I’m ready to refocus and change my mindset. Good luck with your healthy goals!!

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  2. jbond says:

    Good luck dear,Never give up


    1. Diana R says:

      Thanks!! Only 45 days out and been keeping up on my diet and weight loss!


  3. Logan Wedding says:

    Im 5 months out from wedding and started a weight loss/ fitness plan as well 🙂 ❤ we can motivate each other? we have a crossfire gym right by me, however I'm a yoga teacher and form is important for me; working on strength in a properly postured body to repair some skeleton scoliosis. i have heard cross fit isn't form based and more speed based. can u tell me ur thoughts on crossfit?
    ❤ good luck ! Im here wit ya !


    1. Diana R says:

      I did a lot of research on crossfit, and really didn’t like the findings. It’s very stressful on the body and I already have joint issues from years of playing sports. I was really able to achieve optimal results from taking different classes at my local LA Fitness. I would get my cardio mainly from spin class and then I would take total body or boot camp for weight training to build lean muscle and burn fat faster. Everyone is different, so what worked for me, may not be best for you. just the same as crossfit isn’t for me, but it obviously works so well for so many others. Good luck on your journey these next 5 months and congrats on your engagement!


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