Wedding Planning Tip of the Week: Check Reviews


star_reviewThis is came up because I read a recent article in the news about a photography company not delivering what they promised to a bride here in Palm Beach County. I would be devastated! But what caught my eye was the fact that I reached out to this photographer and talked to her about wedding packages. I didn’t dig deep enough into looking at reviews because I ended up picking the photographer that did my friend’s wedding because I know her pictures came out amazing. After reading about this, I started looking at the reviews and couldn’t believe these couples that picked the husband-wife due to photograph their most memorable day hadn’t done the same. Here’s the article if you’re interested in reading the whole story: I could only find one review that was good and it was from 4 years ago…

I feel like checking reviews is just a given, but from talking to my friends, not many of the them do this. I don’t always base my decision off the reviews; it really depends on what they are saying or nitpicking about. For my BFF’s bachelorette, we went to an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican and it was only $150 per day including our oceanfront room with a balcony, all food, and alcoholic beverages. That’s cheap!! Some of the reviews were bad saying there wasn’t variety in the food, while others picked at the fact that the mini fridge was rusty… Umm, hello! It’s an island by salt water, what do you expect to happen?!? I feel like you have to take into consideration what the cost is. Most hotels alone are $150 per night, so to get food and drinks, you can’t really set your expectations too high. We had an amazing time though and the resort was perfect for our little weekend getaway.

No matter who you are looking to hire for your big day, be sure to take a little extra time to research the company. I mean after all, your wedding day only happens once so you want to get the right people to make it special. We have hired a lot of people that came from referrals from friends and family, which puts us at ease because we trust our friends and family!


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